About Company

Advertising company ProS Co was founded in February 2010. The main directions of company’s profile are: Import of Promo-accessories, Poligraphic Service, Local Production, Media Planning/ Monitoring and Event Management.

Since July 2010, ProS Co is the member of the PSI (Promotional Service Industry). Periodically ProS Co as a member company attends different kinds of exhibitions and Product Presentations, our representatives acquaint with new companies and get known of innovative products. ProS Co successfully cooperates with various European and Asian Developed countries and imports different kinds of promotional products.

Over the short period of its existence, the company has rapidly gained its place in Georgian consumer market and built a reputation based on a proven ability to develop successful projects driven by innovative and creative campaigns, well targeted media planning, high quality productions oriented to reach success.

Our core principles are:

  • Effective Client Service
  • Team Working
  • Permanent Development.
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