• 4/14/2013

    Beep Egg - An Egg timer that actually works

    Beep Egg is original product, which you put among eggs and after some minutes it will inform you, that the eggs are already boiled.

  • 1/3/2013

    Small Terracotta Easter egg

    Small Terracotta Easter Egg - Inside the loam burned egg there is a moulded ground and you can put a plant seed on it; break the surface, water the ground and put in the sunny room. After some days, you will see the risen little plant which will make your room pretties and create holiday mood.

  • 10/10/2012

    Symbol of your Bussiness Success - Lucky Bamboo

    It may bring you success in carrier and personal life – People living in Thailand and Singapore prove that the plant which is widely spread in their countries is supposed to bring a good fortune. Image accessory which we are going to present is created in Europe, analogue of decorative lucky plant. Its composition unites earth’s five elements,grows rapidly in every kind of environment, does not need much light, but only water – for existence.

  • 10/3/2012

    Innovative Product - Cup Clip

    One of the innovative products which was recently presented by producers of European promo accessories is Cup Clip - original, practical and safe creation which will save place on your working table and become useful product.

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