Cregg & Cregg


                                                                                         Cregg & Cregg is original product, gentle way to get to the yolk. No brutal guillotine tactics with knives anymore. cregg will open your egg precisely and with style.

The ring-shaped cregg has three indents on the outer side of the ring. They improve grip when using cregg as an eggshell-cutter. On the inside cregg has three cutting wheels made of stainless steel, construction being similar to that of a glass cutter.

To open your egg, simply place cregg with its cutting wheels downwards on the top of your egg. Twist gently in both directions and your eggshell will have a clear cut. Now just lift it with a knife or spoon if you want the top off or simply with your hands if you want the egg to remain whole.

Now cregg’s second function comes into play. Simply place your opened egg on cregg and use it as an eggcup. On top of this, you can also use it as a napkin ring.

A real 3-in-1 product.   

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