Local Production

The Local Production lists a lot of products, which are made locally. They are: Billboards, Light boxes, different products sewed with textile: Caps, T-shirts, aprons; various kinds of prints on the products made by Silkscreen (Advantage of silkscreen is in the simplicity of the printing process and unlimited printing in fabric products of any type.) or Thermo-heating. These methods of printing are used to put logos on various kinds of products.

Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor Advertisement is effective tool for making company well-known. Light boxes, Banners, Outdoor Signs, Blinds, Standers and different kind advertising boards – It is list of Products which are created for raising Brand awareness.


Textile Printing is one of the mostly spread advertising method. It includes different products – T-shirts, Skirts, waistcoats, caps, handkerchiefs, pinafores, bags, umbrellas and etc on which it is possible to put on Logo, or any kind of information.

Poligraphic Service

Since August of 2010, ProS Co became a 50% Share owner of Polygraphic Enterprise Speed Master LLC. It owns Digital Printing Machine, which has many benefits: The maximum printing format is – A3. The working process is distinguished by high operability by which in a short period of time you receive high quality product, it is suitable way to print illustrated magazines and catalogues. One of the main advantages of the digital printing machine is to print sample until the complete circulation.

Booklets, labels, Posters, Blanks – these is short list of the product which are printed by the digital printing machine.

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